Make calls

How is the call quality?

Crystal clear audio, uninterrupted calls and a certainty that your phone number gets shown to the person you call. That is what we call business quality.

Exceptional call quality doesn’t come easy. Here are some of the things we do to ensure dependable quality.

  • Work with many large carriers worldwide
    We cooperate with many large and specialized carriers around the world that connect the calls out to the mobile phones and land lines that you call to or forward calls to.
  • Only use their best quality level
    All carriers that we use offer different „quality levels“ of their service at different prices. We always use the best option available from each one. This implies that we can almost be 100% certain that your phone number will be displayed correctly to the person you call, and that the audio is kept crystal clear, instead of being compressed along the way to save bandwidth and money.
  • Several layers of failover
    Since even the best carriers from time to time fail to connect calls to certain destinations, we have several layers of backups. If a carrier reports back that they cannot connect the call, we immediately (within a fraction of a second) try another carrier, and another and another – even if our cost for connecting the call goes up with +500%, and we make a large loss by connecting your call.

Most important for us is that your call gets through. No matter what.


Problems with call quality may occur when customers connect to our service with IP-telephony.

Poor mobile internet connections, bad firewalls and routers at the customer’s side can then cause problems that are outside of our control.

We will do our best to help, but we cannot resolve issues with your Internet connection.

This is why we recommend that you do not use IP telephony for business calls.

In case you experience any quality issue – please contact us immediately so that we can investigate it.