What SIP-phones can I connect?

How can I connect an Acrobits phone?

Acrobits is an Android and iPhone app that can be purchased in Play store and App store. You can connect it to Sonetel and use it  for making and receiving calls. Calls are connected across the Internet (3G, WiFi etc.) to and from Sonetel. 

Making calls across mobile internet connections does usually not provide good enough call quality for having business calls. We recommend that you use the Sonetel iPhone app, which uses a regular mobile call to connect locally to Sonetel. If you want to try Acrobits anyway, please find the instructions below.

Acrobits also has a more expensive version that supports Call transfer and conference calls that is called Groundwire.

Instructions for connecting Acrobits to Sonetel

    1. Download from app store or Play store
    2. Select Settings -> SIP Accounts -> Add new provider
    3. Select Sonetel from the list
    4. Parameters to enter:
      • Username. The first part of your email address. If your address isjohn.smith@mycompany.com, enter john.smith here.
      • Password. Your Sonetel password.
      • Domain. The second part of your email address. If your address isjohn.smith@mycompany.com, enter mycompany.com here.
    5. Go to Settings -> Preferences and change Keep iPhone awake to Always if you want to be able to accept incoming SIP calls even when Acrobits is not opened.

Audio quality

You can improve quality by going to Settings -> SIP accounts -> Sonetel -> Advanced settings In sections Codecs for WiFi and Codecs for 3G drag GSM down to the disabled codecs list.

IMPORTANT: Making IP-calls across 3G and WLAN dooes not work well if you are moving around or have a weak signal.


Trouble shooting

To send logs from the Acrobits phone to Sonetel, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on Settings -> Preferences -> and activate Log SIP traffic
  2. Use the app so that the problem is recreated
  3. Click on Settings -> ¨Troubleshooting -> SIP log
  4. Copy all
  5. Paste into an email and send to support@sonetel.com