What SIP-phones can I connect?

How can I connect CSIP?

CSIP is a free Android app that can be downloaded from Play storeYou can connect it to Sonetel and use it  for making and receiving calls. Calls are connected across the Internet (3G, WiFi etc.) to and from Sonetel. 

Making calls across mobile internet connections does usually not provide good enough call quality for having business calls. We recommend that you use the Sonetel Android app, which uses a regular mobile call to connect locally to Sonetel. If you want to try Groundwire anyway, please find the instructions below.

Instructions for connecting CSIP to Sonetel

  1. Download CSipSimple from Google Play Store.
  2. Easy configuration -> „I’m allowed to use mobile“. (Activate this if you want to call across 3g) -> Save.
  3. Add account (select) -> World wide providers – > Sonetel.
  4. Account name -> Sonetel.
  5. Email -> User’s Sonetel email address, for example ‚john.smith@mycompany.com‘.
  6. Password -> The user’s Sonetel password.
  7. Save.
  8. Click on Menu button -> Settings -> Media -> Codecs.
  9. Move PCMU and PCMA to the top of the lists Wideband and Narrowband.

Known issues

Csip has been found to be slow answering incoming calls (version 0.01-01 r615). There may be a delay after answering until you and the caller hear each other.

3G is not optimal for IP-telephony – 4G is better. With 3G you need a good connection. If you travel in a car or similar it is likely that you will drop the call. If you have access to WLAN this could be a better choice.