Here are our prices for connecting calls to your Cloud IVR.

  • Connect calls via SIP
    $0 per month. 1,000 calls per month are FREE. Additional calls cost $0.01.

Charges are deducted from your Sonetel prepaid account.



Optional add-on services

The following optional add-on services are available.

  • Connect calls via Sonetel phone numbers
    Local phone numbers cost from $1.79/month ($0.79 if ordered via our API) and require either the Business package ($4.99/month and number) or Premium ($11.95/month and user) for use of Cloud IVR.
  • Call forwarding
    Call forwarding from your Cloud IVR app to mobiles and landlines worldwide costs like a local call. Call forwarding to SIP destinations is free.
  • Text-to-speech
    Text-to-speech can be used for the generation of audio messages to be played to callers (as an alternate to recording or uploading files – which is free). Using Text-to-speech to create audio files is free for up to 100 minutes of generated audio per month when on the Free plan. Additional audio files cost $0.05 per minute. If you have Premium you can create 500 free minutes of audio files per month and $0.02 per additional minute. Please note that there is no charge for playing the generated audio files to callers. We only charge for creating the file.