Cloud IVR app usage is currently free.

Here are the prices we intend to charge in the future.

  • Price for handling calls
    $0.01 per app called and started minute.
  • Call forwarding to landlines and mobiles
    See rates here.
  • Text to speech audio generation
    $0.05 per started minute of audio created via the API. 

Charges will be deducted from your Sonetel prepaid account, which you can refill with Credit Card, PayPal etc.


The Cloud IVR service (excluding Sonetel phone numbers and Text to speech files saved via the web app) is currently provided free of charge, but with fair usage limitations; If your usage is less than 1,000 calls per month and less than 500 minutes of generated audio with Text to Speech via the API, we will not charge you for the usage.

If you want to use Sonetel phone numbers, and connect these to your Cloud IVR, this costs from $1.79 per month. Cloud IVR usage requires that you either have the Business package for the number ($4.99/month) or Premium ($11.95/month).