Virtual Phone

A Virtual Phone is a regular phone number with call forwarding capabilities that isn’t connected to any specific phone line or SIM-card. The term can also refer to software phones, which can be used for receiving and making calls across the Internet.

In this article we will explain what a Virtual Phone is and how you can get one.



It’s a Virtual Phone Number

A Virtual Phone Number – is simply a regular phone number that isn’t hardwired to any physical phone line or SIM card in any mobile.

Virtual Phone numbers can be purchased online, and generally come with flexible call forwarding options. This allows you to forward incoming calls to landlines and mobile numbers.

Configuration can be made online.

You can optionally answer incoming calls by using an app for Internet Telephony. This saves the cost of call forwarding, but may give you less dependable call quality.


It’s a Softphone

A Virtual Phone can also refer to apps and software that you can use to answer calls across the Internet. There are many providers of Softphones that support the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) standard, which is the most widely adopted standard for Internet calls.

Softphones can also come bundled with services for phone numbers and use other standards such as WebRTC.


How to get a Virtual Phone

You can get a Virtual Phone number as a well as an app for making and receiving calls across the Internet from Sonetel.

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Photo by Patricia Santos on Unsplash