Phone Number Packages

Middle East Phone Number Package

The Middle East Phone Number package includes 4 countries.  It allows you to instantly become reachable for customers and prospects in some key countries for $130 per month.

The numbers make you locally available in countries that jointly have a population of 441 million people –  which is 12% of the population in the Middle East – and that jointly have 37% of the GDP in the region.

Contact us if you would like us to activate this package for your business. We will set everything up for you. All you need to do is to add the numbers to your website. Incoming calls are forwarded to the destination of your choice.





The cost for having this phone number package is as follows:

  • Per month: $130
  • Initial set-up: $70
  • Incoming calls. Calls to Toll-free numbers are charged per minute (see cost below). Calls to other number types are free.
  • Call forwarding worldwide costs like local calls.


You can get Gold numbers (better looking numbers) in most countries for an additional one-time fee of $50 per number. Let us know if this is your preference, while ordering.


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Below are the details of the phone numbers included in the package. If you would like to add, remove or change any of the numbers included just let us know. You only pay for the numbers you subscribe to.


Country Included Number Prefix Monthly Setup  Per min
Bahrain No
Cyprus Yes Nicosia 22 $6.99 $0.00
Egypt No
Iran No
Iraq No
Israel Yes Tel Aviv 3 $4.99 $0.00
Jordan No
Kuwait No
Lebanon No
Oman No
Palestine No
Qatar No
Saudi Arabia Yes Toll-free 800 $55.99 $34.99 $0.38
Syria No
Turkey No
United Arab Emirates Yes Toll-free 800 $55.99 $34.99 $0.63
Yemen No


Call forwarding is not included in the above costs. See rates here.
Requirements from local telecom authorities require that we authenticate our subscribers for security reasons. We will need your business address and the ID of your representative as part of the getting-started process. We may also need proof of address and ID.
You can unsubscribe some or all the numbers at any time. You can also port the numbers to other providers in countries where number portability is supported.



Add on services

There are several add-on services available for your phone numbers.

  • Announcement
    Play an announcement to callers before forwarding the call.
  • Voice menu
    Offer the callers to make a choice in a voice menu, such as “For sales press 1…”. Play information or forward calls somewhere, dependent on their selection.
  • Voicemail
    Ask callers to leave a message, which gets delivered to you via email.
  • Recording
    Optionally record all incoming calls.
  • Make calls
    You can use the phone numbers for making calls with our free apps.

Information about these options is available in the help pages. You can easily activate them yourself, but otherwise we are happy to help you set it up. Contact us in case you have any additional questions.