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I made a payment – but services are not working

If you have made a payment and find that services are not working, here are the most common reasons for this.

If calls are not working after you have made a payment for a service – here are the main reasons;

  • You only paid for the phone number
    If you are on the free plan (you don’t have a paid plan) – and have only paid for a phone number – and there are no funds available in your prepaid account for call forwarding or making calls, then the phone number won’t work. Either add some money for calls into your prepaid account or go for a paid plan that includes free minutes for calls such as Business or Premium.
  • Insufficient funds for a call
    There needs to be sufficient funds in your prepaid account to pay for at least a 1 minute call to the destination you are calling or forwarding calls to (does not apply if you have a paid plan with free minutes). See call rates here.
  • Negative balance
    If you have a negative balance in your prepaid account – and owe us money – no calls can be connected, even if you have a paid plan.
  • Account not validated
    You need to provide us with your Business address and ID to allow us to verify your account.