Receive calls

You can receive calls from other team members and Sonetel users. You can also receive regular phone calls by having a local phone number anywhere in the world.

If you do not answer the call for free in the Sonetel web app it will be forwarded onward to your mobile number – at the cost of a local call. If you do not answer the call there, it will end up in your Sonetel voicemail.

You can configure your preferences for incoming calls in your call settings.

Sonetel phone numbers can be be configured to send calls to team members, voice menus, announcements, voicemail boxes, phone numbers and other destinations.

If you have incoming calls to your Sonetel phone numbers forwarded to your mobile it is also possible to decide what number you want to see when receiving a call. The number of the caller or the number of the local number they called?

The mobile apps are still in BETA and will not yet wake up when there is an incoming call. This will cause the call to be forwarded to your regular mobile number at the cost of a local call. To receive an incoming call for free across the Internet, use the web app or ensure that the mobile app is active.