Business Phone Numbers

Buy a local phone number for your Business in any city of choice. From $1.79.

Have a business phone number anywhere

Have your own business number in any city or country.

Showing a business number at your website increases trust and sales. It also removes the need for you to give out your personal number.

Prices start at $1.79 per month. Incoming calls can be forwarded to your mobile number or elsewhere at the cost of a local call.


Voicemail with summaries

When you receive a voicemail message on your Business Number, you will get a summary, key takeaways, what the caller expects you to do, a full transcript and the mood of the caller.

The language of the caller is detected automatically.

AI Voicemail summaries is included in Premium or Business (from $9.95 per month). Everyone with a Sonetel phone number can however try the Voicemail summary service for free.