Sound professional

Set up Voice response apps in minutes. Play menus to caller. Have announcements played before forwarding callers elsewhere. Get transcripts and summaries of voicemail messages from callers.

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Filter calls

Ensure that callers are forwarded to the right department. In case of emergencies ensure that callers are informed without having to speak to anyone in your team.

Sound professional

Sound like a large company. Handle callers in a professional way.

Save time

Get summaries and transcriptions of voicemail messages received from callers. Never listen to long rambling messages again.



Offer callers to make touchtone selection. Play information or forward callers to other Voice response apps or destinations based on their selection.


Play an announcement before hanging up or forwarding the caller.


Take a message from the caller. Have it delivered as a voice file to an email address of choice together with a summary, transcript and the mood of the caller.


Optionally use the text-to-speech function to generate the recorded messages to be played to your callers.

Advanced features

Advanced users can connect calls to the unique SIP address of each Voice response app.
They can also change the configuration of the Voice app via an API.


Included in plans

Voice response is included in the Premium ($9.95) and Business plan ($29.95). User voicemail is included in all plans by AI summaries require a paid plan.

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User voicemail Included Included Included
Voicemail summaries by AI Free trial Included Included
Voice response Not available Included Included

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