Updated cost of outbound calls

From time to time our partners, that handle outgoing calls to different countries, update the prices for handling those calls. When this happens we need to revise our prices as well.

This page lists the destinations where the cost of making outgoing calls (as well as forwarding calls) have changed significantly from 22nd November 2023. All prices are in USD.

If you are making outgoing calls or forwarding incoming calls to the European Union, you can get up to 95% discount on the call cost with our Intra-EU and Local call rates.


Destination Old per min. cost New per min. cost
Belgium Mobile $0.257 $1.037
Brazil Mobile $0.011 $0.026
Belgium Cellular (Intra-EU) $0.052 $0.089
China Mobile $0.315 $0.525
China $0.315 $0.525
Cameroon Mobile MTN, Orange $0.746 $1.221
Poland Mobile (Intra-EU) $0.024 $0.039
Poland (Intra-EU) $0.024 $0.039
Russian Federation Moscow $0.491 $0.717
Russia Mobile Megafon $0.514 $0.827