The cost of having a phone number

The easiest way to find out the cost is to look in our price list. But here are the general principles.


The following charges apply to all phone numbers:

  1. Monthly fee
    We recommend that you have a paid plan such as Premium or Business which includes phone numbers, calls and lots of other features. A paid plan costs from $9.95 per month.
    If you prefer to be on the Free plan, you only pay for the phone number and for the calls. Phone numbers start from $1.79 per month.
    You can reduce the monthly cost on phone numbers with up to 55% by opting for a longer subscription.
  2. Call forwarding cost
    If you forward the incoming call to a mobile phone number or other number there is always a call forwarding cost – usually at the cost of a local call. If you have a paid plan then calls and call forwarding is either included or discounted by 40-50%.
The Premium plan gives you one (1) free phone number for each user in your account. The Business plan gives you five (5) free numbers per user in your account.
If you use our free website chat, you can also get a phone number free for your website. These numbers have some limitations.


The following charges apply to only a few numbers:

  1. One time set-up fee
    Some more expensive numbers and «Gold numbers» (easy-to-remember numbers) come with a one time set-up fee. Contact us if you want a Gold number.
  2. Per minute fee for incoming calls.
    Toll free numbers and a few others – such as numbers in China, Alaska and Hawaii – have an additional per minute fee for incoming calls.


The prices for making calls with your phone number can be found here.
Please note that you do not need a phone number from Sonetel for making calls.