Free Customer Service Solution

A free solution for your Customer Service


With Sonetel you have a free, easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for your customer service team.

Here are the key components of the solution:

  • Shared Team Inbox
    All incoming customer questions will appear in a shared Team Inbox.
  • Free Business Messenger for your website
    Your customers can ask questions via the free Sonetel Business Messenger at your website.
  • Omni channel
    You can connect your Facebook Page. to the same Team inbox. The same applies to Twitter DM (but isn’t free).
  • Free apps for your team
    Your team can answer questions while on-the-go with the free iPhone and Android apps. While at their desk, they can use the web app.
  • Suggested answers saves time
    Sonetel’s Artificial Intelligence will suggest answers to your team, which they can forward to the customer with a click, which saves time.

In addition to that, the solution comes with an easy to use, business grade solution for your internal Team communication. This is also free.


Here’s a video that gives you a quick overview.