Company settings

Account country

Every account has a default country setting which determines the currency of the account, the default language of the voice apps and other such settings.

The country can be changed from before you make the first payment.

Change the country

To change the country, follow these steps.

  1. Sign-in
    Sign-in and go to Prepaid account.
  2. Click on Refill
    Clicking on the Refill button opens the following view where you can change the country of your account.
  3. Change the country
    From the Country dropdown, select the desired country.

The country cannot be changed after you make the first payment.


How does this affect the account

The country selected when making the first payment, is used as a basis for a few important settings for the account.

  • Currency
    The currency of the account depends on the country selected. If you select a European country, your currency will be set to Euro. Similarly selecting Sweden will change your currency to Swedish Krona. For all other countries, U.S. Dollar is used.
  • VAT
    If you’ve selected a country from the European Union, you will be charged VAT
  • Voice apps
    The pre-defined messages in the voice apps are automatically selected based on the country. For example, if you select France as your country then the default voice messages will be in French.
  • Format local numbers when making calls
    When making phone calls, you can dial phone numbers in your local format. For example, if you are from the United States then the number +18557663835 can be dialed without the country code as 8557663835. Our system will look at the default country of your account and automatically add the country code when connecting the call.