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Virtual phone number in Singapore

Have your own phone number in Singapore for a few dollars per month. Incoming calls can be forwarded anywhere worldwide at the cost of a local call.

In this article we will explain how it works and how you can get a virtual phone number in Singapore now.


A virtual number is a real phone number

A virtual phone number is actually a normal, real phone number. The only difference is that a virtual number isn’t connected to any physical phone line or to any SIM-card.

You can make and answer calls with free apps for Android and iOS or your laptop.

People calling your Singapore virtual phone number will have the same experience as if calling a regular local number.

When you make calls from your number – people you call will see your number before answering.

You can get your phone number in Singapore here.




Different types of numbers

In Singapore there are two types of numbers that you can purchase as virtual phone numbers.

  • City numbers
    These phone numbers are related to a city – which is (3) for the city of Singapore.
  • Toll free numbers
    These numbers are free for the caller to call – as long as they are calling from within Singapore. Toll free numbers start with 800. The owner of the phone number pays an extra per minute fee for all calls received.



Who can buy a Singapore phone number?

Anyone in the world can buy a phone number in Singapore. You do not need to be a citizen of Singapore or live there to buy one.

We are required by our providers to know who our subscribers are. Due to this, you are required to submit your address and an ID number.  In some cases, you may be asked to provide proof of address and ID.



Try free

You can try a Singapore number for a couple of days for free by starting a free trial now. If you like the way it works, you can keep it.

If you take no action, the number will be removed automatically and there is no cost for you



What does it cost?

The cost of having a virtual Singapore phone number is based on the following components.

  • Monthly cost
    From $7.99
  • Calls and call forwarding
    Costs as a local call
  • Optional add-on services
    Voice response, and call recording require that you have a paid plan (starts at $9.95 per user and month). This includes free calls, call forwarding, and free phone numbers.



Features of Singapore Virtual phone number

Coming along with a variety of exclusive features, a Singapore Virtual Number lets you stay connected with your customers all the time. Here, we will look into the key features and functionalities of a Singapore virtual phone number that makes it a versatile business tool for global communications.


Singapore Phone Number Format

A typical Singapore telephone number adheres to a distinct format. A sample Singapore phone number would generally follow the ‘xxx-xxxx’ model. Toll-free numbers usually start with ‘800’, followed by a distinctive combination of 6 digits. Businesses need to be careful when printing their phone numbers on marketing materials or uploading them on digital platforms to ensure consistency.


Caller ID Functionality

This is where the feature of ‘who call me from this number Singapore’ comes into play. Not only can you make calls using your Singapore mobile number, but the person you’re calling can see your number before answering. This enhances credibility and ensures that more calls are answered by potential customers or clients.


Recognizable City Numbers

With Singapore telephone numbers, you have the option to choose recognizable city numbers. This feature is particularly beneficial for local businesses seeking a distributable number that ‘feels’ local to Singapore clients. In contrast, international businesses looking for a local presence can use city numbers to resonate better with local audiences in Singapore.


Voice Response Capabilities

Adding a voice response to your Singapore phone number like “Dial one for sales…” may set you apart from the competition. You simply need a paid plan, and you can create customized voice menus for callers or set up specific voicemail boxes. The excellent feature here is that text-to-speech technology can be used for creating announcements. Thus, it is easier than ever to have professional-sounding phone numbers, regardless of the size of your business.


Call Recording

The Singapore phone number provided by us could be instrumental in any business setting as it comes with the optional feature of call recording. Yet, it’s important to use call recording responsibly. Ensure you’re not breaching any laws of Singapore or other countries involved in the call.

In conclusion, a Singapore virtual phone number is a powerful business tool that can give your business an edge in today’s competitive market. Offering services such as call forwarding, voice response, and more, companies need not worry about the complexities of setting up a traditional phone line.

They can instead focus on providing quality service to their customers. The upcoming section will provide more information about the different subscription options available to you.


Answer calls

The easiest way to answer incoming calls to your Singapore phone number is to forward all calls to your regular mobile phone number or to a landline number.

When you receive a forwarded call, you can see the number of the caller – or the virtual number they called – dependent on your settings.

Call forwarding worldwide costs like a regular local call.

There are many other options available for call forwarding, such as answering calls with voice response, sending calls to team members etc.



Make calls

You can make calls from your Singapore number by using our free Android , iOS or web app. You can import your regular mobile contacts into the app and call anyone you know with a click.

The person you call can see your number. You can chose if you want to show one of your Sonetel numbers or your regular mobile number.

You will be charged local call rates for the calls you make.





SMS is not supported on the Singapore virtual numbers.



Voice response

If you want to add voice response to your phone number (“For sales, press one…”.) you need to have a paid plan. This gives you access to the “Voice apps”.

You can easily create menus for callers, announcements, or voicemail boxes.

Text-to-speech can be used to create the messages to be played to callers. Simply type in the message you want to be converted into an audio message.

You can also upload audio files or record new messages with your phone.



Call recording

Call recording is available if you have a paid plan.

Only use call recording if you can do it without breaking any laws in the country of the phone number, or in the countries where you – and the person you are talking to – is in.




Subscription options

Here are the different subscriptions available.

  • Free with Plans
    Premium and Business are optional “all-inclusive” plans that are charged per user and month. They include free phone numbers for every user in your team.
  • Pay for it
    You can subscribe with monthly renewal, or 1-year or 3-years. The longer the subscription – the lower the monthly cost. You pay in advance for the entire subscription period and can turn off auto-renewal whenever you want.



Are there any limitations?

Yes, there are different limitations, depending on what type of subscription you have.



Benefits of having Sonetel’s Singapore business phone number

In this world of interconnectivity, having a local phone number, specifically a Singapore phone number, can significantly benefit your business. So, what makes a Singapore telephone number from Sonetel so advantageous?

  • Firstly. Singapore phone number format. While it may seem minute, the phone number format Singapore utilizes is very appealing. It’s straightforward and easy to remember, which could be crucial for your business.
  • Secondly. The simple question, “Who called me from this number Singapore?” arises more often than you think. It’s advantageous to have a number of Singapore locals recognize it. This familiarity can encourage increased engagement with your brand.
  • Lastly. With a Sonetel Singapore phone number, you ensure smooth, uninterrupted communication regardless of your location. You can operate an SG phone number from anywhere in the world, ensuring your business remains accessible at all times.

We offer a sample Singapore phone number for you to try. This service enables potential customers to see how effective our product is.

For example, if you’re in the US but want to tap into the Singapore market, you simply utilize our system to obtain a Singapore phone number. This way, your clients will think they’re calling a Singapore-based company, increasing their trust in your business; hence, upping your game in the competitive market.

Our service supports various types of numbers. From a generic Singapore telephone number to a specific Singapore telephone number format that includes city codes or toll-free numbers. We got you covered.

A Sonetel Singapore phone number also allows you to track your call data efficiently. You’ll easily monitor who has been calling your number Singapore, without having to sift through complex logs or systems. This feature is especially useful when answering the question, “Who called me from this number in Singapore?”

One common misconception is that a virtual phone number isn’t as secure or efficient as a regular SIM-card-based number. However, our company ensures the highest security level for your Singapore phone no.

We ensure the reliability and secure operation of your Singapore mobile number, thus allowing your business to maintain its professional integrity.

Lastly, remember that your Sonetel Singapore phone number is not just a number. It’s a robust communication tool that can boost your business image and efficiency.




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