AI Services

AI Voicemail Summaries

The AI Voicemail summaries from Sonetel ensure that you never again have to waste time listening to long rambling voicemail messages, while trying to note down key points.

You will get the voicemail summaries, together with transcriptions – and the audio message, delivered to your email inbox.

With each voicemail received, you get a crisp summary and key points made by the caller.

You will also get a brief text explaining what the caller expects you to do – and a full transcript.


How to get AI Voicemail Summaries

Summaries are included in our paid plans, but all free accounts have the ability to try the service, as long as they have a paid Sonetel phone number (it doesn’t work on trial numbers).


Your personal voicemail

If you have a Sonetel phone number connected to you, Sonetel voicemail will answer every call that you do not answer yourself.

You can adjust your personal settings for incoming calls here if you want voicemail to be played immediately to all callers, or after a longer or shorter ring etc.

For each voicemail message received, you will get an AI Voicemail summary to your email inbox.


Creating other voicemail boxes

You can create additional voicemail boxes in the Voice apps section. This can be for “Sales”, “Support” or whatever you prefer.

You can connect calls to your voicemail boxes in different ways:

  • Via a Sonetel number
    You can connect your Sonetel phone numbers directly to the voicemail box, or via some Voice response menu that you set up.
  • Via SIP
    Calls can be connected across the Internet to the SIP address of the Voicemail box.

You can have the voicemail messages together with AI summaries delivered to any email address of choice.

If you want to create additional Voicemail boxes you need to have a paid plan such as Premium or Business.


What does it cost?

You pay 10 AI credits for each AI voicemail summary. Free accounts get 1,000 free AI credits for testing services. Premium accounts get 1,000 AI credits per user and month. Business plan users have 5,000 AI credits per user and month.


How can I get AI Voicemail Summaries?

To get the service now, simply select a phone number and sign up. Once you have paid for the phone number, you will start getting the voicemail summaries when people call your number, and you do not answer.