SIP phones

Standard configuration of SIP phones

If you have a 3rd party SIP phone that you want to connect to Sonetel for making and receiving calls, here is how you need to configure it.

Please note that we have guides for most of the popular SIP-phones. They may be easier to use than this generic instruction.



Configuration details

  • SIP server or SIP Proxy
  • SIP User ID and Authenticate ID
    The first part of your email address. For example, “joe” in “”
  • Domain/realm
    The second part of your email address. For example, “” in “”
  • STUN server


If your phone has a field for Outbound proxy do like this instead:

  • Outbound proxy
    Enter as Outbound proxy.
  • SIP proxy
    Enter The second part of your email address as SIP proxy.


Other recommendations

  • Phone number field
    If your SIP phone has a Phone number field, enter your User ID here (see definition above).
  • Firewall detection
    Use ICE for the firewall detection, if available.
  • SIP registrar
    The SIP registrar has the same address the same as SIP server.
  • IP port for SIP proxy
    The IP port for SIP proxy is 5060 (according to standard).
  • Transport type
    Transport type is UDP.


Our support does not include help with SIP phones. We can however assist you for a small extra fee.