Record your calls for free

All Sonetel customers can now record their phone calls for free. 

Sometimes it can be hard to remember what was said in a conversation or what was agreed with a customer or a supplier. By recording your phone calls you can overcome this issue and easily listen to your earlier conversations whenever needed.

Sonetel has added the ability for you to record all your phone calls that pass through the Sonetel system. This implies that the following types of phone calls now can be recorded for free:

  1. Calls you make
    Call anywhere worldwide from your mobile with a free Sonetel iPhone or Android app at the cost of local calls. You can show your regular mobile number or a number you have purchased from Sonetel to the person you are calling.
  2. Calls you receive
    Record incoming calls to your Sonetel phone numbers that are forwarded to your mobile number or anywhere else.

You can record as many calls you want for free.

The free storage of call recordings is limited to 1 GB for regular users and 100GB for Premium users. 1 GB allows you to store about 2 000 minutes of call recordings. If you run out of space you can either continue recording and pay $1 per month for every GB of used storage that is above the free limit. Alternatively you can download and delete old recordings to free up your space.

You can find more information about call recording here.

Activate the new call recording functionality in your Sonetel account by signing in at and clicking on “Configure” in the “Call recordings” section visible on the page shown after signing in.

You can listen to your recordings, download them and delete them by signing in at


Please note that you only are allowed to record calls if this can be done without breaking Sonetel’s Terms & Conditions and the local law in your country and in the country of the person you are speaking to. You may additionally be required by local law to inform the person you are talking to that you are recording the call.


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