What are the limitations?

There is a Fair usage policy for Premium that defines how much you can use the service for free.


  • FREE calls and call forwarding to mobiles & landlines that are free with Premium
    2,500 minutes per user and month
  • FREE Conference calls
    Max 25 participants. Each user may only have one conference call at a time.
  • FREE Incoming calls on Sonetel phone numbers that are forwarded to Voice apps or VoIP devices.
    2,500 minutes per Sonetel phone number and month.
  • FREE Voice response
    10,000 usages per customer account and month.
  • FREE Text-to-speech
    Save 10 free Text-to-speech recordings.
  • FREE Fax-to-email
    1,000 faxes per Sonetel phone number and month.
  • FREE SMS-to-email
    2,500 SMSs per Sonetel phone number and month.


You must maintain a positive prepaid balance to be able to make and forward free calls with Premium.

Incoming call minutes on Sonetel numbers are only free on local phone numbers and national numbers. Toll free numbers do not include free minutes.

The service is intended for normal individual business use and may not be used for telemarketing or mass-calling activities or any other unintended usage. Each user may only make one call at a time and max 8 hours of calls per day. Sonetel Premium may not be used if you are connecting a PBX such as Asterisk to the Sonetel Service or if you forward incoming calls to a call center.

Extra charges: Sonetel reserves the right to charge extra for usage beyond the allowed usage levels and for usage that does not comply with the intended type of use at the following rates; International calls: $0.04 per minute, Incoming calls on Sonetel numbers: $0.02 per minute. Conference calls: $0.05 per minute and participant. $0.01 per Fax-to-email and $0.01 per SMS-to-email. Text-to-speech: $1 per recording. Sonetel reserves the right to adjust these terms.

Please note that incoming calls to numbers with a higher per minute cost for incoming calls – such as Toll free numbers, numbers in China, India and Honolulu and Alaska  USA – are not free with Premium.