Call history and missed calls

You can see your call history and missed calls in the Conversations in the apps. 

Your call history is available in the web app, Android app and iPhone app.


How Conversations work

You can find all your conversations by clicking on the conversation icon in the apps.

Here you find all the Conversations (chat and calls with team members and contacts) that you have participated in.

The only conversations that you will not find here, are incoming customer conversations aimed at your customer service.

The conversation that was updated most recently, will be on top of the list, regardless if it was a chat or a call.

You can search for older conversations with the search function (by number, name etc.).

In the conversations you will see all events such as calls made and received, missed calls and call recordings. If you also have chat conversations with the same contact, these will be in the same conversation, in chronological order.

Missed calls have a Call back link which you can click to initiate a call from the app.

All conversations related to calls will have a phone symbol in the upper right corner. Click on the phone symbol to call back. Click on the chat symbol to start a Sonetel chat with the contact.

Why don’t I see any call history?

If you have configured a Sonetel phone number to forward calls directly to a phone number – instead of assigning it to a user (team member) that has the call forwarded to their mobile – then there will be no conversations with call logs created for incoming calls to that number.

Only numbers assigned to users will generate Conversations with call logs.

You can find logs of all calls company wide in the Usage section of the web app, but missed calls will not be available there.