Will I lose my number if payments fail?

We provide a grace period of 30 days.

If there isn’t enough money in your Sonetel prepaid account to pay for the renewal of a phone number, and there isn’t any working payment method for refilling your Sonetel account, then the following will happen.

  • We will notify you
    We will send you multiple notifications via email informing you about the problem. See below.
  • Grace period
    A grace period of 30 days will begin. After a few days we will apply the renewal charge. The renewal will be for 1 month even if you had the renewal set for 1 or 3 years. The renewal may bring your prepaid account balance into a negative value, in which case calls in your account will stop working.
  • Number removed
    If you still – after the grace period and many notifications – have not paid for your number, it will be removed from your account and returned to our supplier.


Notifications we send out in case of problems

If you do not receive emails, please check your spam inbox and add to your safe senders list.

  • We could not charge your saved payment method
    Sent out after all re-attempts have failed.
  • Account empty
    If your account goes into the negative.
  • Account low
    Sent out when the remaining balance hits the level you select here.
  • Phone number will soon be deactivated
    We are still letting the number be activated for a few days as we await the delayed payment.
  • Phone number deactivated
    If we after many reminders still have no payment for the number and it is moved into the 30 day grace period.
  • Account negative since 14 days
    If you have active numbers and have had negative balance since 14 days – we will notify you.
  • Number soon reclaimed
    Sent out 5 days before we reclaim the number.
  • Number soon reclaimed – reminder
    Sent out 2 days before we reclaim.
  • Phone number reclaimed
    Now the number is gone.