Cheap calls from Android or iPhone

Make international business calls, with high call quality, at the cost of local calls directly from your mobile. The person you call sees your regular mobile number or the Sonetel number you prefer to show.



Business quality

Crystal clear audio gets you closer to the person you call, and avoids the risk of misunderstandings. Dependable calls ensure that you always get through and don't get interrupted.

At the cost of local calls

Our iPhone and Android apps set up two regular local calls; one in your home country, and one in the country you call to, negating the expensive cost for the International call.

Increase answer rate

Calling from a phone number close to your potential customers can increase the answer rate with over 200%.


Select what number to show

The person you call sees your regular mobile number or one of your Sonetel phone number - dependent on which one you want to show. This means that they are more likely to answer and that they can call back if they miss your call.

Call from any country to any country

Our apps work worldwide - allowing you to call from any country to any country. If you are travelling abroad, simply buy a local SIM card for your phone before using the app.

Free call recording

Record the calls you make, regardless if you call from your mobile number or from a phone number that you purchase from Sonetel.


Starting from $0 per month

With the Standard plan there is no monthly fee. You only pay per minute.
The Premium plan costs $9.95 per month and user. It makes calls to over 40 countries free.

View All Pricing Standard Premium
India $0.016/min FREE
China $0.013/min FREE
USA $0.008/min FREE

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