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How can I verify my account?

If you purchase phone numbers from Sonetel you will need to provide information about your address and identity – and possibly some proof.

Here is how it works and what you need to do.


Standard account verification

All customers that want to use a Sonetel phone number needs to provide their billing address and ID number for verification to get the number activated. Read more here.


Cases when more info is needed

In some cases you may need to provide additional information.

  • Call Recording & CLI activation
    If you want to record calls or show your Sonetel phone number to people you call – you additionally need to submit proof of address and ID. 
  • Special phone number
    Some types of numbers in some countries come with additional requirements from local authorities to allow the number to be activated. We’ll let you know exactly what is needed – but here are some guidelines.
  • If our KYC process so requires
    Our regulations team may request that you provide additional proof if they find that this is required. They will tell you exactly what they need.
Providing documents and information is voluntary. If you prefer to get a refund instead, just let us know.


What type of documents can I provide?

Read the guidelines about the document requirements. 


How long does account verification take?

The verification is usually completed within 1 business day.


Why is this information needed?

We are required by local authorities to keep track of who uses each number, and to take measures to minimize abuse of phone numbers.